Aqua Boy

Games Description

Ably assisted by a monkey sidekick and a labradoodle professor, Aqua Boy is an intrepid underwater adventurer – scouring the uncharted depths for mysterious, long-forgotten artifacts. Unfortunately, his latest mission has gone drastically wrong! Take control of Aqua Boy as he emerges from the wreckage of his submarine, embarking on an epic adventure through the ruins of a sunken city. Meet a host of eccentric characters, from fussy bureaucrats to mercenary bees; upgrade your weapons and ..

Games Instructions

You can play with the mouse and keyboard, or with “twin stick”-style keyboard controls.nW, A, S, D – move (QWERTY mode)nZ, Q, S, D – move (AZERTY mode)nArrow keys/mouse – shootnSpace – use item/doornQ, E – select item (QWERTY mode)nA, E – select item (AZERTY mode)nM – Mapn

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